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Camellia sinensis
Eleuterococcus senticosus
Ginkgo biloba
Panax ginseng
Rhodiola rosea
Schisandra chinensis
Tribulus terrestris
Rhodiola rosea
The researchers concluded that Rhodiola rosea (as a adaptogen) is much more efficient than any other adaptogens, including Siberian ginseng Panax, Shiandra and Aralia. Rhodiola rosea helps us to live longer and healthier lives.

Rhodiola rosea is a natural adaptogen.
The plant being considered as an adaptogen must meet a number of criteria. Only a few plants have an adaptogenic properties and if it would not have been Soviet researchers , than perhaps it might not have been discovered the adaptogenic effects of Rhodiola rosea and many other plants.

  • harmless and nontoxic plant for organism
  • adaptogen has a running standardization influence on the psychological functions of the individual
  • its activity keeps (preserves) normal body functions in case of normal running attacks are happening to us (stress etc.)
  • adaptogen normalizes body functions irrespective of an existing unhealthy state – corrects hypo- or hyper functional disorder of the organism
  • in contrast with medicaments , that can have side effects , the adaptogens have beneficial influence on our organism without its harm or damage

Rhodiola rosea  and scientific researche
Rhodiola rosea belongs to the family of Crassulacea whose home is the eastern Siberia and it grows at an altitude of 3300-600 meters. The smell of its yellow blossoms is similar to the rose oil and that is the reason why it is called “ Rosea”.
It is said in Siberia : “who drinks the tea from Rhodiola rosea he will 100 years. “
Rhodiola rosea is worshiped not only in Russia but also in China and in the middle Asia.
The Mongolian doctors prescribed this medicinal plant to treat tuberculosis and cancer. The scientists of the State University in Tomsk truly confirmed the verity of legends of beneficial effects of Rhodiola rosea . During the numerous double blind experiments and placebo-controlled trials , they obtained the evidence that Rhodiola rosea develops biological activity on very high level and that it does not contain toxic substances in demonstrable amounts. They came to the conclusion that Rhodiola rosea is not only the new adaptogen from Russia, but (similarly as a Siberian ginseng) has numerous exceptional features which differ it from other adaptogens. The species of Rhodiola rosea  do not grow only on the territory of the former Soviet Union, but also it grow in Europe and in the Caucasus Mountains which is  in the Republic of Georgia. The Russian scientists identified approximately 200 kinds and from this amount they subjected 14 to various researches. The chemical structure and pharmacological effect of Rhodiola rosea  is a generic strong effect. The plant contains phytochemicals, among others - Phenylpropanoids, and proanthocyanidin flavonoids in abundance.

How Rhodiola rosea differs from other species of the family?
The most important chemical molecules, that have been scientifically and clinically proved as an active efficient substances of Rhodiola rosea  are the polyphenols called rosavin, rosin, rosarin, rhodiolin, salidrozid and aglikon salidrozid p-tyrozil.

Many plants belonging to the genus of Rhodiola contain salidrozid , among others white willow (Salix alba in Latin) and eternally green healing plant rhododendron , they also contain salidrozid but not the rosavin. According to the scientists from approximately 200 kinds of Rhodiola , only the Rhodiola rosea contains rosavin and binding thereto is phytochemicals rosin and rosarin together with salidrozid. Therefore, from all of various kinds the Rhodiola rosea is the most biologically active plant. Together with this, the standardized extract is very important according to the active efficient substances, namely according to rosavin and salidrozid, because these two components can provide promised effects only together.

Rhodiola rosea has scientifically based effects or advantages for our health:

  • it counteracts stress and depression
  • it enhances the function of the heart muscle
  • it regulates heart rhythm
  • it has cardioprotective effect
  • it has adaptogenic effects and it improves immunity
  • it improves immunite survey (anticancer effect)
  • it reduces the harmful effects of chemotherapy
  • it increases athletic performance
  • it improves mental function
  • it harmonizes sexual functions in both sexes
  • it harmonizes regulation of glucose
  • it protects liver
  • it has strong antioxidant effects at the cellular level
  • it is suitable for the prevention of diseases and anomalies associated with older age