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100% Natural
Camellia sinensis
Eleuterococcus senticosus
Ginkgo biloba
Panax ginseng
Rhodiola rosea
Schisandra chinensis
Tribulus terrestris
Eleuterococcus Senticosus

Eleuterocok dory – also  well known as a Devil’s root. It is a shrub, growing to a height of two meters, it has dense, thorny branches with curly long celery leaves. The small flowers  form  globular inflorescences with purple (anther) and with yellow (pistil) flower petals.
The spherical stone fruits is the fetus and it contains 2-7 pips.
The home of eleuterocok is the Far East , mainly Coastal and Khabarovsk region, the Amur region of the  Russia , Korea, Japan and China.
Eleuterocok was therefore used in traditional natural treatment of the mentioned regions from time immemorial. Wider use of detailed research and  therapeutic properties -it lived to the time- when people started looking for some  plant that could replace the ginseng which was hard to plant.
The impulse also was the use of plants from eleuterocok by Russian  Olympians.
Today the root is mainly used, but in the traditional treatment, the whole plant is used. The  main active ingredients are glycosides, eleuterosids, from which there was isolated more than 12 kinds, stiles, resins, saponins and polysaccharides are also represented, also important is the  amount of potassium, phosphorus and calcium. We can also find unsaturated fatty acids and tannin derivative of coumarin in the root.

It must be mentioned that this herbal is not suitable for people with too high blood pressure (very low doses), during febrile states, fresh myocardial infarction (during the subsequent recovery it is suitable in small doses), there can also appear the fatigue and malaise, that  is for its outstanding feature which is lowering blood sugar-drink plenty enough sweetened tea here- diabetics will  then certainly appreciate this effect of the eleuterocok.

 Eleuterocok dory belongs  to so-called adaptogenic herb – these are the herbs with a wide range (broad scope), they do not have ill effects and if they do these effects are negligible, they can influence and normalize various pathologies, regardless what were they retrieved by.

The effects  of Eleuterocok dory, its therapeutic  and preventive  use:

  • it protects from the radiotherapy
  • it protects hearing and it increases the sharpness of hearing for the people living in a noisy environment
  • as a prophylactic agent in infectious diseases of the respiratory system
  • it is suitable and it was proved in the treatment of – neuroses, neurasthenia, psychoastenia, hypochondria, menopausal disorders of the psyche, senile and arteriosclerotic psychoses
  • it is a suitable means for lead poisoning
  • it helps with diseases of cardiovascular system , arteriosclerosis, hypotension- low blood pressure
  • when  being overwork
  • during recovery after operations , accidents
  • during heart complications caused by rheumatic fever
  • when you have poor memory due to stress – nervousness, it is brilliant for all students
  • when you have burning  eyes, inflammation of the eyes, or just tired eyes
  • it decreases the level of a blood sugar , its usage is therapeutic and preventive here
  • it decreases the level  of harmful LDL cholesterol
  • it reduces the feeling of fatigue , the vitality increases , it returns the zest for  life 
  • it reduces significantly morbidity of people working in difficult climatic conditions, mainly when working in a large cold
  • it inhibits the growth of metastasis – malignant and benign tumors too
  • it regulates sleep disorders
  • accelerates healing after myocardial
  • it significantly increases resistance to ischemic heart disease
  • it slows the progression in the early stages of Parkinson's disease
  • it increases appetite
  • it increases visual acuity
  • it significantly increases the immune activity of the organism, tests have shown that it acts greedily imunomodu-greedy

The method of use:

  • mainly in the form of the pill from the crushed root as a component of nutritional supplements VIRDE 
  • in the form of tinctures, here the effect depends on the quality of the herb , number of roots in relation to alcohol
  • sometimes the other  parts of eleuterocok are used in the form of the tea